Friday, 18 September 2009

Autumn Harvest

Autumn - my favourite time of year! So much lovely food to eat everywhere.
Here's some of the highlights in the garden and greenhouse right now...

Crystal lemon cucumbers (above left) are a very tasty climbing variety.

(above right) Peppers at last! Last year's terrible weather meant nothing even tried fruiting until it was way too late, so it's great to be getting a crop this year.

We've got loads of different types of tomatoes on the go. Above left are beefsteaks 'super marmande' very nice and with not too many seeds inside, so great for cooking.

We've also been growing tumbling toms (above right) have had a great crop from golden sunrise (yellow toms in greenhouse) and are just starting to crop our outdoor bush plum tomatoes - saucy. Sadly not very many germinated, so I won't be bottling any as I'd hoped...

Free fruit is everywhere on the trees and hedgerows at the moment. Our first newly planted tree is about to be cropped of its plums (above left).

We're also collecting rosehips to turn into jelly - great with lamb apparently. And sloes for sloe gin to drink in the new year.

We've also found a new way of using elder berries - lightly cook with a bit of sugar and blend with late summer strawberries, yoghurt and milk for a fantastic smoothie!

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