In early 2009, we were able to start living the dream when we bought an old concrete covered farmyard that backs onto our house in Rural Shropshire, England. 

The intention is to use this little patch of land to experiment with building a more sustainable lifestyle that fits in around our busy lives. The emphasis is on low maintenance food growing, and to do this we're experimenting with things like solar-powered irrigation, forest gardening and no-dig vegetable growing. 

Having a bit of an ecology background, I'm very interested to know how far you can go in creating a semi-natural system that has a really high output for very little work (i.e. it runs itself as a natural system would) and with none of the disease and pest problems you'd expect from monoculture systems. With my arts background, I'm also very interested to know if you can do all of this and also make it beautiful - like the best natural systems are!

So there's a lot of work to do and although we're taking courses and reading a heap of books as we go, we're still relative novices at this. But this steep learning curve is what this project is all about and is the main reason we're doing it. This blog records all the experiments, challenges, highs and lows that we encounter on our way.

A good start to find out how the project has gone so far is to go through our various plans and experiments. In particular, our yearly reports (in the 'plans' section) give a good overview of how things have been progressing.

We love getting feedback and are constantly evolving our ideas about what to do with our plot and how to do it, so do leave your comments on any of the posts!


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