Sunday, 11 July 2010

July in the Vegetable Garden

It's a busy time in the garden. Through June and
July, everything has been growing abundantly and with wonderful weather, we've all been spending as much time as we can outside. Good time to get the camera out, I thought, to record what I've been up to this year in the vegetable garden.

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We've got two main areas for growing veg at the moment - the
back garden patch and the yard patch. The back garden patch is looking great this year with lots of companion planting going on. We've got calabrese and purple sprouting interplanted with chamomile (deters whitefly), nasturtiums (attracts cabbage whites away from brassicas allegedly -no luck so far- and is also great in salads) and mountain spinach (also called red orache - just there cos it looks pretty and tastes great in salad).

A further two beds are planted out with runner beans growing up wigwams and underplanted with various
lettuces and salad greens and also alternate rows of dwarf french beans and marigolds (marigolds to deter blackfly).

We're also in the process of reclaiming a bit more lawn to make another two beds for winter kale, achocha and winter lettuces and so that we can get a semi-decent crop rotation system working. It will still be only a three year rotation, so not ideal, but once the concrete is up, there'll be space to add another couple of beds for potatoes so we can get a nice four year rotation going. Plus more beds for perennial veg to go in!

Out in the yard, the beds are looking great with their new wooden edging and bark paths.

David made up the bed edging by cutting up some of the old timber from our now dismantled steel barns. I'm loving the idea of never having to weed the paths again!

Vegetable-wise, we've got early and late onions out here plus carrots, celeriac, parsnips, garlic and the leeks are just going out now.

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