Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Valuing the Marginal

I've just been reading up on my permaculture principles and one of them is striking a chord with me right now. Actually, I've always liked this one, but I think it applies very nicely to my situation right now. It's principle 11 - Use Edges and Value the Marginal.

On David Holmgren's website, this is described by saying:

Well I'm at the interface between employment and.. something else. My redundancy letter just came through and after a few weeks worth of redundancy-is-on-the-cards meetings (and a year trying to work out how to leave work and what to do next), I'm looking forward with nervous and excited anticipation. There are lots of things potentially bubbling up, and this time in my life - this moment in the margins, so to speak - feels ripe with opportunity.

If only I could keep this positive attitude through the whole of this process!

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