Friday, 6 May 2011

May Jobs in the Garden

This month is going to be mainly about weed control. The sowing and planting calendar is relatively quiet, a lot of it having already happened, so I'll be getting on top of the weeds and have to admit that I've done precious little weeding so far this year (save for our massive nettle massacre and heavy duty mulching to control our wilderness areas).

Other than that, I will be sowing more lettuces, basil and some sweetcorn.

I'm also experimenting with melons this year, having taken note about how melons are grown in proper melon houses that we saw on a visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan last year. We're trying a supposedly hardy variety called the Minnesota Midget - a small fruiting, but very tasty melon. I'll keep you updated on how this one goes.

I will also be planting out my celeriac (above), more tomatoes and my chilli peppers.

I only do chilli peppers once every few years and then dry them and they last for ages. This year we're trying a variety called 'Nigel's Outdoor Chillis' (above). We'll be growing some in the greenhouse and will be trying some outside. Be interesting to see how well they do.


  1. It is so nice to see you planting for spring and is getting cold here. Luckily with our climate I can still garden through the winter... but with a beanie and scarf.

  2. Lovely healthy celeriac - I lost all but one of mine, I think I over watered. Interesting that you are putting tomatoes out. I am severely tempted, but nervous of late frosts. Mind you, the way I am running out of space, the decision may be made for me...

  3. Hazel - I'm getting the same from you at the moment - enjoying seeing you bring in your harvest!

    Janet - I've lost loads of celeriac in the past, but I think in the end it was from underwatering. I searched around for tips online this year to make sure I got a good germination rate and advice seems to be to give them just absolutely loads of water. I put my seed tray inside another that was filled with water so the soil was always saturated. Seemed to work really well compared to my usual efforts.

    Fingers crossed we don't get a late frost hey! I'm running out of space indoors too, so I'm going for it.



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