Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mange Tout

Just had to post up some photos of these little beauties.

These are the first mange tout plants I've grown since experimenting some years ago with plants grown on my window sills - back in the days when my outdoor space was little larger than a broom cupboard. They work so much better in the ground!

I've grown them next to some chamomile plants, to help attract beneficial insects such has hover flies, which will help sort out any aphid attacks.

Our soil isn't brilliant, as I've said before, so I've been feeding them with wormery leachate - the liquid out of the bottom of our wormery. I water this down - a couple of cupfuls to a large watering can of water.

We're growing a variety called 'Golden Sweet'. They have pink flowers when first opened..

As they age, they turn blue..

The pods are a lovely golden yellow colour instead of the usual green.

The first few are ready to eat now. Looking forward to my first taste!



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