Saturday, 30 July 2011

Becoming a Permaculture Learning Centre

Earlier this year, I put in an application to the Permaculture Association UK to become a LAND Learning Centre - an official permaculture visitor site - and I've just had some good news back through the post.

LAND Learning Centres are a network of permaculture sites across the UK. The scheme is run by the Permaculture Association, which has funding to support the set up of this network over the course of a few years. Basically the sites act as places where people interested in permaculture can go to find out how this design system works in practice and to meet and talk to people who use it.

The Permaculture Association holds information about all of the LAND Learning Centres on their website so anyone interested can take a look to find out what's going on around the UK and to find nice places to potentially go visit. And then the Permaculture Association also has funding to pay expenses for groups who want to go on a visit - this covers things like food and travel expenses. Visits might involve getting a guided tour of the site and all it's fancy features, or might also include being able to attend an on-site permaculture related course or event.

In the case of our little project, it would be totally brilliant to host or run courses - before being made redundant, that was one of my main areas of work and it's something I really enjoy doing. And with my natural lotions and potions business just starting to get off the ground, it would also be brilliant to include courses related to that - set in amongst all the wonderful wildflowers and herbs that people would be using to make into their own beauty products. I sense some lovely dovetailing potential going on here!

Other benefits of being part of this scheme are that the Permaculture Association's funding helps pay the site owners for the the time they put in while hosting these events. They also offer support in getting your site ready for visitors to come visit.

This support is what we've just been offered and I'm so pleased because it was starting to feel a bit overwhelming trying to make this project happen almost all by myself! So we're going to be assigned a permaculture tutor who will help us polish up our designs and work out an action plan for making it all happen. They're also going to help us set up work days and find ways of luring in willing volunteers, which is completely brilliant and will really start moving things forward. And then once all that is done, we'll have something really worth showing off and can start hosting visits!

So it's fingers crossed we keep on schedule with the barn conversion so we can get that concrete up this autumn and then can get started with the tree planting - that'll be volunteer day number 1! We're cutting it rather fine now though so I need all your fingers crossed too, wood to be touched, wishing wells to be visited... And a bit of a gap in our ever-busy schedule so we can boot the builders in the arse and get this conversion built!


  1. Goodness, things really are moving fast! Hope the conversion starts in time for you to be able to plant trees. Sounds as if you have the makings of a truly sustainable life.

  2. I hope so too - if not this autumn/winter, we'll probably have to wait another year, which would be rather frustrating. But actually probably more sensible as we've another baby on the way, due in January. I don't do things the easy way do I?!

  3. Well done, congrats. Wish we had such a scheme in Ireland.

  4. Well done - congratulations. I am really excited for you although I dont really understand what permaculture is all about! I do hope you do some courses especially about your lotions and potions as I will try and come

  5. Thanks guys

    And yes - re permaculture - I've been meaning to get a page up for a while explaining a bit more about what it is. Keep a look out and I'll post something up.

  6. That sounds like a great idea! And so very valuable! Good luck!



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