Tuesday, 21 April 2009

photos and a few plans

So here's the house, with a bit of a view of the yard. You can see the fence line running in front of the house there - this is what used to be the edge of our plot, but now of course, everything you can see in this photo is part of the new plot. Rather a messy little patch! And soooo much concrete!

And here's the view going the other way. Under the black sheeting is our first bit of veg patch in what will ultimately become the vegetable garden area. For now it's just a conveniently wide crack in the concrete that we've dug over and added a load of manure to. It will be the brassica and potato bed.

You can also see David standing in the background next to our first new tree - the Greengage. Really great to have got the tree planting started. Eventually to the left of the black sheeting in this photo, there'll be a wee green lane connecting from the road behind the photographer to the field behind David. We'll line it with an avenue of fruit trees, so this Greengage is to be the first of many. This area will also become the summer chicken run - there'll be a gateway going from the lane onto the veg patch so we can let them in to eat our slugs for us!

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