Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The permaculture project begins

Well the yard is now officially ours, so the fun begins here!

Basically we live in an old barn conversion and have just bought the concrete yard that backs on to it. We're going to strip up all the concrete and lay down a fabulous and very productive garden, using what we already know about permaculture, gardening and building and learning loads more skills in the process. We're thinking chickens, polytunnel, lemonery, edible forest garden, veggie beds, ponds and lots lots more.

We've got a couple of brick barns on the plot and a huge and rather cranky steel framed dutch barn, which I can't wait to get down - fabulous view behind it! We've got stacks of manure as these barns were previously used to overwinter cows, so lots to start improving the soil with! We've also discovered a lovely little hazel grove hidden amongst the brambles and we've got what looks like black thorn trees and a couple of elders.

There are many plans for what to do with all of this. Most exciting for me as someone who loves gardening, growing and making things, is the thought that we've got the space to be experimental and to grow not just food, but also useful resources like willow for turning into fencing, trellis or baskets and fuel wood for burning on the (as yet to be purchased) wood burning stove.

Lots to look forward to!


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