Friday, 18 September 2009

Comfrey Mulch For Fruiting Crops

Are my lovely big tomatoes due to the renowned beneficial effects of comfrey? Or is it just some random fluke?

I guess I won't know til I repeat this one again, but it seems that adding ripped up comfrey leaves as a mulch to the top of my tomato planters has transformed my fruit from tiny pitiful things to lovely big juicy wonders.

In both the pictures above you can see before and after tomatoes - the red and yellow ones grew before adding comfrey and they were so small, I was getting a bit worried. Tomato fruits need lots of potassium to grow well and comfrey has lots of this in it, so I chopped down some comfrey leaves and just laid the pieces onto the top of my soil as a mulch and waited. They broke down gradually and the tomatoes that came afterwards (the green ones above) are all much bigger and healthier looking. Seems like it works!

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