Friday, 18 September 2009

Desperately seeking the view - barn demolition begins

We've got a great view of one of my favourite Shropshire hills from our yard...

Only trouble is it's mostly hidden behind this half broken down old barn. It's ugly, rusty and very noisy when the wind blows all those half hanging off bits around. I think the neighbours will also be cheering the day it comes down as it'll give us all a much more peaceful winter windy season!

And of course we'll get this:

Pontesford Hill, backed by Earl's Hill nature reserve is a fantastic place to go walking and this view will make the yard really special.

So David's been climbing up and down his scaffolding tower
taking the thing to pieces. It's a three piece barn - a lean to (pictured right with David's newly created gap in the roof) that joins an arch topped barn, that joins a pitch roof barn. We're hoping to get the lot down this autumn, which will leave the lovely brick barns behind it all free for doing up into our Lemonary...

with a fantastic view of course!

See what happened next here

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