Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Creating a Water Retention Landscape

Sepp Holzer and Bernd Muller have just released a new film, on the subject of water retention landscapes.

For any of you who don't know about Sepp's permaculture style, this guy is fantastic at working with nature to produce abundant systems in inhospitable places. I've previously blogged about how he creates micro climates. Using water, however, is at the heart of everything he does - as he puts it, 'water is life'. If you want to create rich, diverse natural systems, you must do what you can to hold on to your water. This film shows you how he does it.

Just to recap a few points made in the film:

His lakes are designed with maximum wildlife benefits in mind - they have winding banks, shallow and deep zones, a diversity of plants and they are aligned to the prevailing wind direction so that the wind is constantly moving the water, allowing it to keep aerated and purified.

The creation of lakes (and I guess ponds if you've got a smaller patch like we do) bring lots of benefits. The film highlights how wildlife and plant life thrive after these water systems are introduced. It also talks about how the groundwater system is affected. Much of the winter rains are now retained on site. The improved groundwater situation means that you've got a more constant soil water supply throughout the year rather than the extreme dry of summer and wet of winter. On the site the film is set at, a new spring emerged from below the main lake - in an area previously at risk of desertification. Fantastic!

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